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【Past】Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival

Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival 2021

Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival 2021 Information
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2020poster Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival 2020

2020.2/8 (Sat)~2/11(Tue)

Hirosaki Park
・Take a 100-yen Dotemachi Loop Bus
 Get off at Shiyakusho-mae (In front of City Hall)
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Opening Ceremony
2020. 2/8 (Sat) 10:00 AM~

Inside of the Hirosaki Park

Snow Lanterns
・about 150 snow statue

Mini  Igloo
・Nishino Kuruwa (around Lotus Pond)
 about 300 snow statue

Food Stalls
Shino maru (area) about 20 stalls

9:00 AM~9:00 PM
※The first day of the festival 10:00 AM~

Park Sovenir Shop
Shino maru (Yoshita bashi Bridge)
9:00 AM~9:00 PM

Snow Statue Light up at night
4:30 PM ~9:00 PM

Big Snow Statue Former Kaiko-sha Building

2020 Theme「Former Kaiko-sha Building」

(Now Hirosaki Kosei Women's School)
Important Cultural Property This building was built in the Renaissance style. It was constructed by Horie Sakichi in 1908 to serve as a place for army officers to gather to socialize or to study.

Projection Mapping on Big Snow Statue

Date:During the festival

Hirosaki Winter Fireworks

Fireworks will be held in Recliation Field of the Hirosaki Park.

■2/8(Sat) 7:00 PM~
※It will be postponed in case of bad weather.

Tsugaru-Nishiki-e Cloister

Tsugaru-Nishiki-e Cloister started in 2011 as a part of the 400th Anniversary of the construction of Hirosaki Castle, and has been continued every year since.
This cloister exhibits Kagami-e (Front) and Miokuri-e(Back),
that are a part of Neputa festivities of the year. The cloister is lit up at night.

Place:In front of Ninomaru amusement park, Hirosaki Park

Hirosaki Snow-lit Paths

Hirosaki snow-lit paths will be set up.
The main site is the Kita-no-kuruwa of Hirosaki Park.

Place:Hirosaki Park (Kita-no-Kuruwa)
Time : 5:00 PM~9:00 PM

Children's Playground

Big and middle sized snow slide
Snow play is geared for kids of all ages!
Children who visit Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival can experience the thrill of inner tubing
and sledding down snow packed slopes.
It will be fun!

Public Transportation Info. during Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival


HIROSAKI「WINTER」MOVIE Fuyu-ni-saku SAKURA light up Fuyunisakusakura

Date 2019.12/1 (Sun)~2020.2/29(Sat)

Fuyu-ni-saku SAKURA light up
Japanese only

Michinoku Godai Snow Festival Michinoku Godai Snow Festival

"Michinoku Godai Snow Festival" represents five snow festivals of northern Tohoku area.
They are "Hachinohe Enburi"(Hachinohe city, Aomori Pref.),
"Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival"(Hirosaki city, Aomori Pref.),
"Iwate Snow Festival"(Shizukuishi town, Iwate Pref.),
"Namahage Sedo Festival"(Oga city, Akita Pref.),
and "Yokote kamakura"(Yokote city, Akita Pref.).

Snow Festival Promotion Council of Northern 5 Regions