About Hirosaki

About Hirosaki City

Hirosaki, a former castle town, is located in the southwestern part of Aomori Prefecture, and has played a major role in the economic and political life of the region since Hirosaki Castle was built in the 17th century. Hirosaki Castle is a major landmark of the city. Hirosaki is a city located in Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. It lies at latitude 40°north and longitude 140°east. Its estimated population in 2010 was183,534. The total area is 524.12 square kilometers. The city has clear seasonal differences.
In addition, there are several historical Japanese and European-style buildings.

Hirosaki has many seasonal festivals: the Cherry Blossom Festival in spring, the Neputa Festival in summer, the Chrysanthemum and Maple Leaf Festival in autumn, the Snow Lantern Festival in winter. Many people come to Hirosaki to watch and to participate in these festivals.

The Cherry Blossom Festival that is held in the park that now covers the former castle site. The average temperature during the Cherry Blossom Festival in early May is 20 degrees (Celsius) in the afternoon and 10 degrees in the evening. You should therefore bring a cardigan or a jacket. The climate during the summer season, compared to other parts of Japan, is mild and pleasant. During the Neputa Festival, you would normally be very comfortable in a t-shirt and short-pants. However, by the beginning of the Autumn Festival, it will be getting colder, and you will need a jacket. During the winter, Hirosaki usually gets less snow than Aomori City. However, be prepared for lots of snow around the time of the Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival.
Hirosaki is also home to many apple growers and is known as“an apple-colored town” in appreciation of the important role apples play in local life. Hirosaki is a city you shouldn’t miss.