Practical Guide

Travel Necessities

Credit Cards which issued in overseas information①You can use your credit cards which issued in overseas below shop’s ATMs.

・Credit Cards which you can withdraw Japanese-yen at Lawson ATMs.

・Credit Cards which you can withdraw Japanese-yen at Circle-K-Sunkus ATMs.

・Credit Cards which you can withdraw Japanese-yen at Family Mart ATMs.

・Credit Cards which you can withdraw Japanese-yen at Seven- Eleven, Japan Post Bank (Post Office) & Ito Yokado Department Store’s ATMs.

②Some cards with these marks may not be accepted.

③A card issuer handling charge may apply.

④Available ATMs may vary depending upon the type of card.


Why don't you rent a bike and make your trip a fun??

Bicycles are rented out for a fee at five rental stations. Both regular and electric bicycles are available. In order to rent a bicycle, you must fill in an application form and present ID. Regular bicycles can be returned to stations other than those they are borrowed from. Electric bicycles must be rented and returned either Hirosaki Municipal Tourist Center or Hirosaki Tourist Information Center.


RENTAL PERIOD OF 20185/7 (Mon)~ 11/30 (Fri)
RENTAL STATIONS OPENING HOURSHirosaki Municipal Tourist Information Center9:00AM~4:00PM
Hirosaki Tourist Information Center
(JR Hirosaki Station 1F)
Tsugaru-han Neputa Village
Hirosaki Machinaka Information Center9:00AM~4:00PM
Hirosaki Apple Park9:00AM~4:00PM
(※Rental bicycles cannot be rented out past 4PM.)
FARERegular Bicycle¥500
Electric Bicycle¥1,000 (Rental & Return at Municipal Tourist Center ONLY )
InquiriesHirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau
※You can NOT make a reservation for a rental bicycle.
※If the weather is bad, rental services will be suspended.

Wi-Fi Information

Hirosaki City provides free public Wi-Fi access in Hirosaki Park and surrounding facilities in order to increase Internet accessibility.

Network Name(SSID & ESSID)【 hirosaki-wireless 】

From April 17th 2015, you do NOT have to enter the Security・Key!!!

If you visit Hirosaki, please try to connect it.

Download (PDF)

Free Public Wi-Fi
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Hands-free travel in Hirosaki
We deliver to hotels and accommodation facilities from Hirosaki Tourist Information Center. (Located in 1F, JR Hirosaki Station)
(except Iwaki Area and Soma Area)

Please enjoy hands-free sightseeing in Hirosaki!

Reception Place/ Hirosaki City Tourist Information Center
(JR Hirosaki Station Central Exit)

Reception Time/ 8:45AM~2:00PM

Delivery Time/ The luggage will be delivered by 7:00PM
※There are times when delivery may be delayed due to traffic conditions, but delivery will be completed by around 7:00PM.

Price/ 1 luggage 864-yen tax excluded

Size/ Total dimensions of the three sides: Up to 170cm

Weight/Up to 30kg

Delivery Period/Throughout the year (except 1/1~1/3)

Download (PDF)
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Tsugaru Free Pass Make your travel more enjoyable with Tsugaru Free Pass!

Unlimited ride of trains and busses in specified area for 2 days.
Enjoy sightseeing spots, onsen and attractions of Tsugaru!

Tsugaru Free Pass
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Tax-Free Enjoy Tax-free shopping in Japan!

Hirosaki Apple Park
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Tax-Free Shop in Dotemachi shopping street The Tax-free counter starts in Dotemachi shopping street, Hirosaki.
Please see details below banner.

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Hotel Ryokan Information We will try our best to provide an ‘azumashii, omotenashi’ stay for you.
Hiroyado Club-Hirosaki Ryokan Hotel Association
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for Foreign residents Medical facilities in Aomori which have foreign-langage capabilities.
Aomori International Exchange Association
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TOHOKU TOURIST INFORMATION The website offer Tohoku area's information.
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