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Hirosaki Castle, reconstruction of the stone walls information

Hirosaki Castle, reconstruction of the stone walls information

The construction of Hirosaki Castle was begun in 1603 by the first lord of Tsugaru, Tamenobu, and completed in 1611 by the second lord, Nobuhira. This castle was struck by lightning, however, and burnt to the ground. The present castle was rebuilt by the ninth lord, Yasuchika. Since then, it has been considered a symbol of Hirosaki City. After an earthquake which occurred in the middle of the Japan Sea in 1983, a part of the stone wall of this castle was discovered to have expanded and begun leaning. Since the stonewalls need reconstruction, scaffolding will be set up after the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival of 2015, and the castle will be moved into the center of Honmaru, to enable further investigation before work on the stonewalls is started. The reconstruction of the stone walls will take at least 10 years to complete.

Additionally, in order to move the castle back into the original position, it will take at least 5 years. 
The reconstruction of the stone walls is necessary to pass the castle on to future generations.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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【Our Construction Plan】
【1】The First Move
The Hirosaki Castle Tower Lifting Ceremony was held on Aug 16, and the castle tower was lifted
about 10cm up from the foundation.
From Aug 28 to Sep 4, the castle will be moved into the Honmaru area about 22.3m.

【2】The First Rotation
The rails for moving the castle will be set up and the castle will be moved counterclockwise with
an angle of 30 degrees due to protection of cherry blossom trees.

【3】The Second Move
After the first rotation, the rope-pulling event which refers to the event of Hikiya week (Castle moving week)
will be held from Sep 20 to 27.
After Hikiya Week is finished, the Second Move will be operated about 29.9m into Honmaru.

【4】The Second Rotation
The castle will be turned back to its original direction.
From Sep 30 to Oct 7, the castle will be turned clockwise about 30-degree.

【5】The Third Move
The castle will be moved into the new temporary foundation. From Oct 12 to 17,
the castle will be moved about 23.8m.
Then, all the construction equipment will be removed from the castle.  

Construction of the current situation
【During Hirosaki Castle Cherry Blossom Festival (4/23~5/6)】
During the festival, inner moat is opened to the public, can enter the part of inner moat and look up the castle from there.
You can see this scene until 5/10 (Mon), 2015.

 Reclamation of inner moat (middle of April)

Hirosaki Castle from inner moat (middle of April)

【5/11~7 Closed Hirosaki Castle・Preparation for reconstruction of the stone  walls】
After the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival, the castle will be closed and set up the rails.
You can enter Honmaru・Kita-no-Kuruwa.

Moving the keep by rails and the beginning of setting scaffolds (5/18/2015)

Reclamation of land in the inner moat and assembling of additional scaffolds (5/18/2015)

Moving the scaffolds with cranes (5/18/2015)

【9/3 Hirosaki Castle started to move!!】

【9/3  Picture ① 】

【9/3 Picture ②】

【9/3 Picture ③】