Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival

【Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival】
Date: 2017, 4/22 (Sat)~5/7 (Sun) 
Place:Hirosaki Park (Area designated as Historical Site)

【Pay zone and time】


■Hirosaki Castle Arboretum/9:00AM~6:00 PM
 (Ticket will be sold by 5:30 

【Admission Fees】

 Adult 310 yen Child 100 yen
 (Group:Adult 250 yen Child 80 yen)

■Botanical Garden
 Adult 310 yen Child 100 yen
 (Group:Adult 250 yen  Child 80yen)

■Combination Ticket
 Adult 510 yen Child 160 yen
 (Group:Adult 460 yen Child 130 yen)
 (Honmaru・kita-no-Kuruwa、Arboretum、Fujita Memorial Garden)
※Group (10 people or more people)  
※It will take about 2 hours to take a look around in Hirosaki Park.

2016 Cherry Blossom Festival Information
Due to early bloom, Cherry Blossom Festival started from April 16 as a quasi-festival period.

↓You can download  2016 Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival Venue Guide Map↓ (PDF available)


【Annual Evening illumination of Hirosaki Park】

Hirosaki Park is illuminated at night during the cherry-blossom festival.
■After sunset to 10:00 PM
※It'll start from 4/16 (Sat).


During the festival, we usually have about 200 stalls in the Shinomaru area of the park.
9:00 AM~9:00 PM
※It'll start from 4/16(Sat).

【Hirosaki Tourism Volunteer Guide】

The members of the Hirosaki Tourism Volunteer Guide service will guide you in Hirosaki Park during the cherry blossom festival. We have two tents at O-temon and Higashi-mon. 

※During the festival, you can NOT make a reservation, so please visit the tents directly.
※They will start from 4/16 (Sat)
【Nishibori (West moat) Boat】

【Time】9:00 AM~5:00 PM
※On the first day, you can get on the boat after Anzen-kigan-sai (a ceremony performed to pray for safety) is finished. 

【Price】1 hour 1,000 yen
※In the case of rain, service may be suspended.

※You can NOT make a reservation.
※It'll start from April 16th (Sat).

【Mattcha at Yoriki Bansho】



【Price】540 yen

※It'll start from 4/16 (Sat)



【Kita-no-Kuruwa・Budokuden Lounge】



※It'll start from 4/16 (Sat)
【Wheel-Chair Volunteer】 

Wheel-Chair can be borrowed free of charge. 

【Date】During the festival 4/23~5/6

【Places】①Higashi-mon ②Kamenoko-mon ③O-temon 
      ④tent of near the Hirosaki City Parks and Greening Association

【Time】9:00AM~4:00PM (you can use wheel chair until 9:00PM)

※Wheel Chairs can be returned to tents other than those they are borrowed from. 

※You can NOT make a reservation for rental wheel chairs.

※In the case of rain, service may be suspended.

※During 4/16 ~4/22, you can rental wheel-Chairs only.

【Park Souvenir Shop】 (Near Yoshita Bridge)



The CYCLE NET HIROSAKI (RENTAL BICYCLE) service usually starts from the first week of May.
However, it will start from the first week of April!!
■ Rental Station:Temporary tent in front of JR Hirosaki Station 
■ Time:9:00 AM~4:00 PM ※Please return rented bikes by 5:00 PM
■ Price:Regular Bicycle 500-yen

※Electric Bicycles are NOT available during the festival. 

※Children must be accompanied by adults. 

※You can NOT make a reservation for rental bicycle. 

※You can rent a bicycle at Hirosaki City Tourist Center (JR Hirosaki Station) from 4/1 to 4/22. 

Luggage Storage in Ekimae (JR Hirosaki Station)
■Date:4/23 ~5/6

■Place:Temporary tent in front of JR Hirosaki Station


  ※You can keep your luggage until 7:00PM.  

  NOTE:Please pick up your luggage until 7:00 PM!!!

■Price:1 bag 500 yen

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Information 

We updated the cherry blossom information. 

See details here. 

Hirosaki Castle, reconstruction of the stone walls will be started!

We have been updated information. See details here. 

Spring Special Opening
The rooftop of Hirosaki City Hall

It will be opened during the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival.
Hirosaki City Hall was built by a famous Japan modern architect, Kunio Maekawa.
The City Hall and cherry blossoms create a great contrast. 

Please come and visit the city hall and enjoy the Cherry blossoms!

■Date:4/16 ~5/6

■Time:9:00 AM~5:00 PM (Final entrance is 4:30 PM)